Today’s Gender of the Day is: The flower shop scene from The Room


getting attached to any character in the walking dead


i made myself a visual help for who is fighting who in the next days so im sharing with you

i made myself a visual help for who is fighting who in the next days so im sharing with you

"She’s not a monster" *sobs*

> dies

*holds you* q-q I love Nimona

> holds u back


jaffre said: awkwardly # in kay gbye >skateboards away


If there is something I like about your style is that your rps never feel dull. (Like a “hello” “hi” “u ok” “yes thank” kind of thing.) You pour the respective personalities of your characters and make them act and interact in dynamic situations that actively develop their traits and storylines.

Also the amount of plot twists and punchlines you add make everything better. Man, you’re one of my favorite persons to rp for this reason and it’s always a freaking pleasure to answer your posts no i don’t have a crush on you what are you talking about. *sprints away*

pfffttt even me the game master is having a hard time calling hahah i wanna hear wutsup XD ))

tbh i want warwick to win

ha, and im still in love with cornelia kay bye

im rewatching code geass and-

yup, still sexually attracted to zero

im watching the possible outcomes for the quarterfinals of battlepro

izzy vs warwick
azzina vs jay
azzina vs godchan
the fox vs godchan
the fox vs danny
luxe vs rudy
andrew vs benji
sig vs xanthus

good news tho: if sig and suzanne win their respective fight, they will face each other

i was holding:

  • a bowl of cold chocolate
  • a glass of water
  • a pair of scissors

when i saw the spider on the wall in front of me

it ended well, i didnt screamed, i didnt drop my things, and i turned around to take another way out of the kitchen


This video was recommended to me on a book about consciousness. 

If this video doesn’t astonish you, then I don’t know what will.

Go ahead, press play, it only takes 2 minutes of your time.